Magnesia - A distributed Image Manager

chalk crime scene Client and Server are entirely written in Java and consist of two parts:

  1. Chalk: The server part, available with some small gui (miniframe or trayicon) or without.
  2. Magnesia gui client: Currently the only client available, easily to be distributed, e.g. via Java Webstart

Magnesia offers a flexible way of showing your photos to your friends as well as organize your photos remotely. To offer a complete and useful solution some simple ways of modifying images are also implemented.


Give Magnesia a try by downloading the sourcetarball from or by running the webstart version of the Magnesia gui client or Chalkbag.

Component Names

Some might wonder why the logo of Magnesia is a crime scene. Well, that's a long story.

The name Magnesia came in mind because early photographers used magnesia for their flashes - and after all magnesia is used for managing photos. Chalk on the other side comes from magnesia oxide (MgO) used by climbers. Chalkbag is also climbing equipment - that little bag holding your chalk. And well, the logo. The crime scene is drawn using chalk ... ;).

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